PC-3000 Flash. Monolith pinout determination guide

This familiarization article doesn’t contain nuances of technical procedure and can’t cover ends and outs of pinout determination. So if you don’t have practice in monolith soldering then we advise to play for safety and don’t start it. This process is very difficult for newcomers without practice in soldering or in working with digital analyser.

This guidance is about how to determine pinout using cheap analyser. In this case we use Hanteck LA5034  with 34 channels and 64 Kbit memory depth. This memory is very small but is enough for our task if apply rigour to process.


The following things are required for this procedure:

  1. A logical analyser;
  2. A healthy monolith connected to logical analyser on one side and a test monolith connected via a card-reader or USB depending on the type of monolith on the other;
  3. ONFI specification

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PC-3000 Flash. Image building with Block Number

Nowadays exist a lot of different controllers which are using different types of markes in SA for sorting all blocks together. As everybody knows, sometimes we can use information about marker and build image with full folder structure if we will sort all blocks together, using information about order of blocks.

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A look back on RAID Recovery training sessions in the new ACE Lab training class

The data recovery training class has been occupied since the first day ACE Lab opened the doors of the new office in Prague. Ten training sessions have been held so far, and more to come. As it is the biggest vendor-provided data recovery training venue, 12 people can learn cutting-edge technologies at the same time. The facility is a perfect venue for all types of data recovery training, covering HDD, RAID, SSD, NAND Flash, Monolith, Mobile, Chip-off training sessions, etc.

Over 25 people took part in the RAID Data Recovery Advanced Training sessions during one week between Nov 16-23, which were held right after the Grand Opening. Here’s a sneak peek at how it all looked and the impressions some of the trainees shared:


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PC-3000 for HDD. Seagate F3. How to fix Init SMART Fail error

Hi Friends!

How are you today?

As you know SMART is very useful thing. It provides detailed infomation about Hard Drive. However SMART is broken too.


Do you see this error?

Init SMART Fail
LED:000000CC FAddr:xxxxxxxx

If yes then welcome under the cut 🙂

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PC-3000 Flash. Card Adapter and How to Work with It

PC-3000 FLASH Card adapter

Some users already have this adapter, others just think about purchasing.

In this article we would like to present PC-3000 Flash Card adapter and describe a working process with it. Please note that you need to have PC-3000 Flash software ver. 7.0.5 to use this adapter and others from the Monolith Set.

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PC-3000 for HDD. Western Digital. Module 30 access blocking in a case of locked FBLite drive.


Hello Friends! There are a few useful features were added in PC-3000 v6.2, and one of them is module 30 blocking in ROM. What is it and how does it work, we will discuss in this article.

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PC-3000 HDD. List of supported HDD families (regularly updated)

2016-03-23 15-06-48 https upload.wikimedia.org wikipedia commons 1 1a Hdd_icon.svg – Yandex


Below is the fresh list of supported hard drives:

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PC-3000 for HDD. Removing password for Samsung drives

Hey all,

We have this problem when customers try to ‘crack’ Samsung drive and get access to data without user password. Pay attention that this procedure works for cases where the drive is protected by USER password. If any drive is protected by MASTER password and you don’t know it then you can format data not recover it.


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PC-3000 Data Extractor. Windows Bitlocker, Apple FileVault, TrueCrypt


As you know there are different software that allow to encrypt users area.

Our developers proceed to research a ways for decrypt drives encrypted by software methods.

PC-3000 version 6.2.x allow to work with such encrypted drives and decrypt by special option in Data Extractor tool.

How to do it? – Welcome to this article!

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PC-3000 SSD. Silicon Motion (SM) Utility

In this article we will speak about data recovery from SSD drives based on Silicon Motion SM controllers. This types of CPU are very popular and usually they are using in a wide number of different value and low-level solid state drives.


At this moment exist several modifications of SM controllers which you can find in inside of common value models of SSD:



  • SM2246 Family (this controller is usually working in pair with MLC NAND chips);
  • SM2256 Family (this controller is usually working in pair with TLC NAND chips);

Basically there is no difference between them when you are using Active Utilities for data recovery, and the steps of drive initialization would be always the same. Also, the list of officially supported drive is the following:

  • Sandisk SSD Plus;
  • Crucial BX100;
  • Plextor M6V;
  • Radeon R3;
  • PNY CS1111;
  • ADATA SP550;

If your drive is also based on SM controller, but it is not in the list of supported models, please contact our TS Department – we will try to help you!


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