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PC-3000 Flash. Image building with Block Number

Nowadays exist a lot of different controllers which are using different types of markes in SA for sorting all blocks together. As everybody knows, sometimes we can use information about marker and build image with full folder structure if we … Continue reading

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PC-3000 Data Extractor. How to identify EndPoint encrytion using Data Extractor

The use of strong encryption is becoming more commonplace by the day. Most enterprises know full disk and file-level encryption is a necessity if you have something worth protecting. One of the strengths of PC-3000 Data Extractor is the ability to identify encryption … Continue reading

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PC-3000 HDD. Seagate F3. How to fix translator issue caused by useless defects in Non-Resident G-list

Dear Users, you are often facing with a problem when on Seagate F3 drives you can read sectors in the beginning of the drive but from certain LBA the drive is filled with UNC error and in Data Extractor sectors … Continue reading

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PC-3000 Flash / PC-3000 for HDD. Canon Video recovery

Canon cameras are very popular nowadays. A lot of people are buying them for making pictures and recording videos. As we know, usually a lot of wedding photographers and videographers are using them as main tool for shooting. We know … Continue reading

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PC-3000 SSD. How to plug Samsung 840 EVO / PM851 through terminal

Starting from the version of PC-3000 SSD 2.0.3, it become possible to recover Samsung 840 EVO, Samsung PM 851 and Samsung 850 Pro drives. One of the main problem of this drives – is a very-very bad quality of NAND … Continue reading

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PC-3000 for HDD. How to solve the SED problem in 2,5″ WD drives

Let’s consider the stuation when we need to recover data from a 2.5 inch WD drive with a USB interface. We have already changed the connection type from USB to SATA (using a compatible SATA PCB or SATA adapter), but when … Continue reading

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