A look back on RAID Recovery training sessions in the new ACE Lab training class

The data recovery training class has been occupied since the first day ACE Lab opened the doors of the new office in Prague. Ten training sessions have been held so far, and more to come. As it is the biggest vendor-provided data recovery training venue, 12 people can learn cutting-edge technologies at the same time. The facility is a perfect venue for all types of data recovery training, covering HDD, RAID, SSD, NAND Flash, Monolith, Mobile, Chip-off training sessions, etc.

Over 25 people took part in the RAID Data Recovery Advanced Training sessions during one week between Nov 16-23, which were held right after the Grand Opening. Here’s a sneak peek at how it all looked and the impressions some of the trainees shared:



“We were lucky to be among the first to follow a lecture on data recovery from a RAID system using the new version of ACE Lab Data Extractor RAID Edition. The presentation was held for full three days tirelessly by DE RAID Edition developer under the watchful eye of the creator of the Data Extractor.”

Nikola Radovanovic


“…I found the best way was to listen and watch each lesson on the first explanation, and then follow on your supplied PC on the second step-by-step run through. After this, there was extra time for you to run through the lesson on your own, with Alexander on hand to assist and answer questions. Some of the later lessons are very complicated, but with the assistance and good explanations I was able to grasp each concept.

All in all, a very worthwhile course on an excellent and powerful product!!…”

Sean Kerrigan



“RAID can be advanced, but after this excellent training I have enough knowledge to figure out advanced RAID configuration on my own. I learned how to use Data Extractor RAID in all possible configurations. A perfect combination of theory and hands-on practical tasks will take you through many cases. Now I can focus only on the needed data even in a RAID, that’s innovation – this training is highly recommended if you are serious about RAID and getting the best results for your clients. All 5 stars from here.”

Allan Sørensen


“We had received RAID Hard disks from customer with no details for RAID type they were using. After the Advance RAID training it was easy for us to analyse, identify, and recover RAID data, and it was done in less than 15 minutes.

Thank you ACE for sharing your valuable knowledge with us.

Advance RAID training is truly a knowledgeable river.”

Vikas Seth


“So now that I have completed the training I can truly say that the training was very valuable.  I was able to learn many things about RAID Recovery that I did not know about before ranging from quickly finding the Block Size with Data Extractor to the complex recoveries of a RAID array which has been overwritten with new data and how to recover that.  Using 2-4 different software products to recover one RAID costs us Time and Money, for which we do not have enough of either. The PC-3000 DE RAID Edition could help us reduce both allowing us to recover more cases.”

Frank Meincke


“Thanks you very much for this great training about Raid Recovery Expert Training.

If you work in this business, undoubtedly is a tool that you need for improve your results. If you are an expert, this tool can help you for recover raids faster, including complex systems.  And if you are starting in this world, is the best way to do it.”

Manuel Fernandez


“It was thorough and very helpful and we had the chance to realize how powerful the RAID Tool is. A lot of good stuff in it!

Even though I consider myself quite knowledgeable in RAID, it was a very good chance to learn a few cool tricks. “

Dimitris Loulis

As you can see, prominent data recovery experts have found the training extremely useful, and DE RAID Edition has become a great asset to many of them. If you already possess a PC-3000 UDMA, Express or SAS/SCSI, it is super-easy to upgrade your Data Extractor to a RAID Edition. Contact our sales managers via order with the message “DE RAID upgrade”, and you will be able to purchase a software upgrade in the Customer Update Box plus get one month of free tech support on your equipment with RAID Edition.

Read more about DE RAID Edition for Express and UDMA

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  1. Timwateru says:

    Nice one guys. Thanks AceLab.

    I loved the place. Was here in this room for the Advanced Training on HDD Expert with Michael.

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow, Great. I want to join it. Thanks for sharing the information.

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