PC-3000 HDD. Seagate F3. How to Deal With SenseCode = 87270000 Error.

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Seagate drives are very popular, but they also have a lot of issues in their FW. In this article we will show you how to resolve one such issue: a strange SenseCode = 87270000 error, and get a full data access.

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PC-3000 DE. Data Extractor RAID Edition. Where is my data on VMFS? (Practical case)

We all love Virtual machines. They allow us to find the balance between scale and consolidated environment and help us to decrease the resources required for a proper functionality.

VMware vStorage Virtual Machine File System is a high-performance cluster file system that provides storage virtualization that is optimized for virtual machines.

This picture (from https://www.vmware.com) shows how multiple Servers with several virtual machines running on them can use VMFS to share a common clustered pool of storage.

Looks like Virtual Machine File System is an excellent file system. Except for one case: a failure without a backup.

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PC-3000 for HDD. Western Digital. How to Block the Service Area Access Without Jumpers or Isolation to Get the Data Access.

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What do you normally do when your Western Digital Marvell drive falls into a Busy state as soon as you start Marvell utility and try to read HDD ID? Most likely you isolate head contacts for a 2.5″ drive, set the jumpers in Kernel mode for 3.5″, or short some special points on PCB. The above procedures are well known: they require working on a drive with a screwdriver or jumpers.

But, what to do if we have no possibility to unscrew the PCB or short the read channel, and the case must be resolved as fast as possible without engineer presenting in working place? In today’s article, we will show you how to get the ROM access and block the SA access to get the SA and data access without any of that.

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PC-3000 Shared Database

We are often asked: how to use only one database for multiple computers?

Today we present you our how-to on configuring a shared database.

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PC-3000 Flash. AU6989 and AU6998: how to build a good folder structure?

Alcor Micro AU6989 and AU6998 are becoming increasingly popular. A lot of Flash drives with a typical capacity of  8GB to 128GB are based on this family of controllers. For a correct Image Building, this controller requires a special Translator Algorithm for block sorting, and our developers are working hard to bring it into PC-3000.

For now, we are going to talk about a method of building an image with the universal Block Number Type 1 [0000] and the additional settings that have to be applied.

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PC-3000 DE. Data Extractor RAID Edition. How to build a RAID array using the Ext4 file system metadata

Ext4 (fourth extended filesystem) is a journaling file system for Linux, developed as a successor to ext3. Ext4 is very scalable: the maximum file system would consume one million 1-terabyte (TB) disks.

Ext4 replaces the traditional block mapping scheme used by ext2 and ext3 with so-called extents. An extent is a range of the contiguous physical blocks, improving the large file performance and reducing fragmentation. A single extent in ext4 can map up to 128 MiB of contiguous space with a 4 KiB block size. One inode can store up to four extents.  If there are more than four extents to a file, the rest of the extents get indexed in a tree.

These features of the Ext4 file system are very important for OS functionality, but useless for data recovery from RAID arrays.

In this tutorial, we will walk through the building of the RAID configuration using Ext4 metadata (features implemented in this file system). At first, we will apply automatic mode to search for the RAID metadata and build the configuration on-the-fly. After that, we will manually fill the RAID matrix and look into the features of Ext4.

We will use the power of Data Extractor RAID Edition to assemble information from the RAID on 4 disks. Although the functionality of Data Extractor RAID Edition is quite intuitive, in this guide we will do everything from scratch and explain every step we make.

This tutorial is probably not for those who are interested in making quick and high profits. But if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the file systems and how to build one from scratch, then you’re in the right place.

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PC-3000 for HDD. Hitachi IBM ARM. How to get a full User Area access if the translator is bad

Hello Friends!

Today we have a rather unusual case to guide you through. It is about Hitachi IBM ARM HTS725050A9A364 without a full User Area access.

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PC-3000 for HDD. How to Deal With the MFT Table.

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Previously, we have discussed how to expand the NTFS partition manually if the first MFT record is available (can be read). But what should you do if the first MFT record is damaged and you can’t expand the NTFS partition manually?

Let’s find it out!

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PC-3000 for HDD. Seagate F3. How to Recover Data from “Fake” Maxtor Drives. Spindle Isolation to Solve the LED CC Issue

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A great variety of hard drive manufacturers exist nowadays. Each vendor has several architectures and families of drives with their unique features. Before starting the data recovery process, you should define the family and architecture of the HDD you deal with.

For example, try to guess what vendors and families should be selected for the drives listed below. Will you pass this test?

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PC-3000 for HDD. PC-3000 Express Rev 2.0 Main Features

Starting from 2017 ACE Lab began to produce the new revision of PC-3000 Express with some enhancements and new power supply adapter.

The main reason why the new ports have been added is that power supply blocks in today’s PCs either don’t use old 4-pin PATA Power anymore or they use only one branch with 2-3 connectors. Our engineers have decided to change it to the new POWER SATA ports for more convenient connection to power supply blocks in modern PC configurations.

Another thing that has been changed – is a new bridge chip 88SA8052-64 QFN Serial ATA 3.0 GB/s with improved power scheme. With a few hardware and software improvements, the speed and stability of SATA ports are increased.

What’s new about it? Of course, the first thing that will catch the eye is new POWER SATA ports for providing power supply to the PC-3000 Express.


But the main feature was a surprise for our customers who had bought the new revision of the PC-3000 Express! Please read further to learn about it.

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