PC-3000 SAS. List of supported hard drives


IBM family
IC35xxxxXWD2-XCD2 (73LZX)
IC35xxxxUWDY (146Z10)
IC35xxxxUWD2-UCD2 (73LZX)
IC35xxxxUWPR-UCPR (36Z15)
DDYS-Txxxx (36LZX)
DPSS-3xxxx (36LP)
DNES-3xxxx (18ES)

Atlas IV
Atlas V
Atlas 10K
Atlas 10K II
Atlas 10K III
Atlas 10K IV
Atlas 10K V
Atlas 15K
Atlas 15K 2

Cheetah 10K.6
Cheetah 10K.7
Cheetah 15K.3
Cheetah 15K.4
Cheetah 15K.5
Cheetah 15K.6
Cheetah 15K.7
Barracuda ES.2
Savvio 10K.1
Savvio 10K.2
Savvio 10K.3
Savvio 15K.1
Constellation ES

other scsi

We support all Seagate SCSI/SAS HDDs. If you can’t find appropriate family you can select “Other SAS” or “Other SCSI” menu item. Utility detect techno key automatically and load default modules table.

Fujitsu family

Hitachi GST Ultrastar

What does “this HDD is supported” mean?

We guarantee that if PCB is not damaged you will be able to pass Techno key (so read modules and ROM) at all families above. Probability of data recovery depends on exact case.

SCSI drives can be connected to PC-3000 SAS by additional SCSI adapter.

We have tested these:

Ultra160: LSIU160, LSI22915,
Ultra320: LSI20320, LSI21320, LSI22320

Ultra160: 29160, 39160
Ultra320: 29320, 39320

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7 Responses to PC-3000 SAS. List of supported hard drives

  1. Petya says:

    Just out of curiosity. Is PC-3000 SCSI able to regenerate translator on Seagate SAS drives? Are they even prone to those issues like the SCSI ones are? My experience with SAS has usually been that they either just work or are catastrophically destroyed. Must be just the bigger labs that see enough cases to really need this tool.

  2. Hi Thanks TS Team,
    As Conveyed In the Forums By Me ” We Need More SAS / SCSI ” Blog Entries Also .Just See The Interest Of People 2 Posts Already And Its Not Even Been a Day .Well Petya Says That ” This Tool Is Only Required By Bigger Labs ” . Well My Experience Is a Little Different In This I Feel With DE With RAID Addon We Can Handle Many Cases By The Tool Itself Other Then Investing In Other Stuff Like a SCSI/SAS Card Etc .Not Only Firmware but We Can Do a Lot of Logical Work With This .I am For Sure Gonna Buy This In the Near Future Keep it Up Guys Might Be You Can Blog Out a Case Study of Firmware Solutions For Different Families Slowly Please .

    PS : Keep These Blogs Rolling The Speed Has Decreased Since Few Days

  3. JayT says:

    Thanks but we could not find Western Digital SAS drives in the list. Knowing that they are one of the largest producers of HDD, were they unintentionally left out?
    Else, when will the solutions for Western Digital SAS drives expected to be released?
    Appreciate a reply, if not personal email. Thank you. Appreciate it.

    • ACELab team says:

      For now PC-3000 SAS doesn’t support WD drives.
      We are planning to add them into list of supported drives but I can give you an exact date.

  4. Peter says:


    Would like to ask, PC3K-SAS support WD SAS HDD?


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