PC-3000 SSD. List of supported SSD drives (regularly updated) v2.7.11

When we are speaking about SSD recovery we should remember the following things:

  1. PC-3000 SSD works only with ATA-based SSD. That means that right now such models as Samsung 970 Pro / 970 EVO or Apple MacBook Pro Retina SSD’s are not supported, because they are based on miniPCI-E interface (NVMe), and does not have SATA controller inside CPU.
  2. It possible to recover data from SSD only in case if SSD drive does not have any problems with hardware part – CPU, NAND memory chips and PCB should be in a good condition. Such drives should return some status on ATA registers when you send power supply. They might be in BSY, might return strange capacity or wrong ID and so on.
  3. PC-3000 SSD does not support SSD recovery only by controller. First of all – PC-3000 SSD support combination of Firmware (Manufacturer) and controller. It’s very important, because some manufacturers use similar controllers but different Firmware with different technological mode commands, and such drives become unsupported. For example – We completely support 88SS9174 Marwell controller, which is presented in Micron, Plextor, Sandisk and Crusial drives – they have similar FW. But at the same time,  some of Lite-On drives based on the same 88SS9174 CPU are not supported, because their firmware microprogram is completely rewrite by Lite-on company. At the same time, modern families of Silicon Motion and Phison drives, have a default platform SM22xx and PS31xx which are very similar. So, if you will catch Kingston drive based on PS3109, it would be also supported, even if such Kingston model is not in support list.
  4. Right now all our forces are dropped on developing and adding in support list the most popular SSD drives in mSATA and SATA form-factor. Right now we have a lot of questions about M.2 and apple SSD support, but unfortunately such drives are very rare in our region, and we don’t have enough donors. If you want – you can contact with our technical support and send for us several SSD with such non-SATA interface. We will be interesting in research works.
  5. Even if SSD drive is not supported by PC-3000 SSD, but it has a problem with File System, with deleted information or missed files – you still can use the Data Extractor for getting access to user files! PC3000 SSD is using only for cases, when Solid State Drive has a serious problem with internal Firmware, translator tables and other logical issues!


So, here is the list of supported drives, grouped by Utilities. Current version of PC-3000 SSD software is 2.7.11 and it is a part of PC-3000 UDMA-E\Express\Portable 6.6x software.

Silicon Motion family (SM2246LT, SM2246XT, SM2246EN, SM2256K, SM2258H, SM2258G, SM2236G)

  • Sandisk SSD Plus (SM2246XT);
  • Crucial BX100;
  • Plextor M6V;
  • AMD Radeon R3 (SM2256K);
  • PNY CS1111;
  • ADATA SP550;
  • Lite On LCH-256V2S-11;
  • RevuAhn 850X;
  • RevuAhn 850X;
  • RevuAhn 900T PRO;
  •  Corsair Force LX;
  • ADATA SU800 (SM2258H / SM2258G);
  • Plextor S2C;
  • Trancsend TS256GSSD360S (P3XV60 =SM2246XT);
  • CFast Lexar Professional 3400;
  • KingSpec PA25 (SM2236G);
  • Radeon R5 AS2258 (PS3111);
  • AMD Radeon R5;
  • Qumo Novation 3D (AS2258);
  • MOSTLY ALL OTHER DRIVES BASED ON SM2246 (Intel modifications are not supported!).

Phison family (PS3105, PS3108, PS3109, PS3110, PS3111, Toshiba TC58NC1000, Kingston CP33238B, AS2258 (PS3111))

  • Crucial V4;
  • Corsair Nova;
  • Corsair Force LS;
  • Kingston SMSM15S3;
  • Patriot Blaze;
  • Patriot Blast;
  • Silicon Power Slim S55;
  • Smartbuy Ignition 2;
  • Smartbuy S9M;
  • Smartbuy Revival;
  • Smartbuy Firestone;
  • Smartbuy Ignition 4;
  • Patriot Blast;
  • Kingston SSDNow UV300;
  • Kingston SSDNow KC400;
  • Kingston HyperX Savage;
  • GoodRam CX100;
  • Smartbuy Revival 2;
  • Patriot Spark;
  • Kingston A400;
  • GOODRAM CX300;
  • GOODRAM S400U;
  • Silicon Power Slim S55 (PS3111);
  • Lite-On MU3;
  • Silicon Power Slim S60;
  • GOODRAM S400U;
  • Smartbuy S11T;
  • OCZ (Toshiba) Trion 100;
  • OCZ (Toshiba) Trion 150;
  • Toshiba Q300;
  • QUMO Novation 3D;
  • MOSTLY ALL OTHER DRIVES BASED ON PS3105/PS3108/PS3109/PS3110/PS3111/Toshiba TC58NC1000/Kingston CP33238B CPU!!!

Marwell VanGogh \ VanGogh 2 family (88SS9174, 88SS9187, 88SS9189, 88SS9190, 88SS1074)

  • Crucial M4;
  • Crucial C300;
  • Crucial C400
  • Crucial M500
  • Micron C400;
  • Micron C300;
  • Intel 510; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • Plextor M3; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • Plextor M3 Pro; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • Plextor M5S; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • Plextor M5 Pro; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • Plextor M5 Pro Extreme; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • Crucial M550; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • Crucial MX100; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • Crucial MX200; Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
  • WD Blue (for Marvell 88SS1074 Terminal 3 is required!);
  • Sandisk X300;
  • Sandisk Ultra II (for Marvell 88SS1074 Terminal 3 is required!);
  • Sandisk Ultra Plus;
  • Sandisk Genesis;
  • Sandisk Vulcan;
  • Sandisk X110 (M.2 2260) Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)

SAMSUNG family

  • Samsung MLC (S3C29RBB01-YK40 CPU based);
  • Samsung 470 Including Apple models (S3C29MAX01-Y340 CPU based) ;
  • Samsung PM810 (mSATA version of 470) (S3C29MAX01-Y340 CPU based);
  • Samsung 830 Including Apple models (S4LJ204X01-Y040 CPU based);
  • Samsung PM830; (S4LJ204X01-Y040 CPU based)
  • Samsung 840 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based);
  • Samsung PM840 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based);
  • Samsung PM841 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based);
  • Samsung 840 Pro (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based);
  • Samsung 840 Evo (Including mSATA) (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based);
  • Samsung PM851 (Including mSATA) (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based);
  • Samsung CM871 (S4LN054X02-Y030 CPU based);
  • Samsung 850 Pro (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based);

Indilinx Barefoot family (IDX100/IDX110)

  • OCZ Vertex 1;
  • OCZ Solid 2 series;
  • Crucial M225;
  • Corsair Extreme series;

OCZ (Barefoot 3) family (IDX500Mxx)

  • OCZ ARC  100;
  • OCZ Vector;
  • OCZ Vector 150;
  • OCZ Vector 180;
  • OCZ Vertex 450;
  • OCZ Vertex 460;
  • OCZ Vertex 460A;
  • OCZ Vector 480;
  • AMD Radeon R7;

Intel Postville family (PC29AS21AA0)

  • Intel X18;
  • Intel X25;
  • Intel 320;
  • Intel 710;

LAMD family (LM87800)

  • Seagate 600 series;
  • Corsair Neutron series;

P.S. SandForce SF CPU based model list

PC-3000 SSD product line

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34 Responses to PC-3000 SSD. List of supported SSD drives (regularly updated) v2.7.11

  1. A. Tarik says:

    Thanks for updating! When will you support Marvell 88SS9189 in Sandisk SDSSDHII?

  2. igen says:


    I have one qestion… When will You support Samsung S4LN062X01-Y030 (controler) in Samsung M.2 ? I try 850 (040 EVO) mode with suport S4LN045X01-8030 but don’t load safe mode (i get red message “Switch SSD to safe mode (error))……

    • ACELab team says:

      850 EVO will appear in 2017. Right now we support wide list of modifications Samsung 850 PRO, but 850 EVO now out of the list. Need more time 🙂

      • Aleks says:

        Is 850 EVO already supported?

        • ACELab team says:

          Hello Aleks. We officially support only those models of SSD which are present in current article. 850 EVO is not supported now but we are going to add it in future.

          • User says:

            Are you planned to support Samsung EVO 850 in the nexts months?

          • ACELab team says:

            Right now all modern Samsung drives have a digital sign. Without this sign it’s impossible to modify ROM and native firmware. Anyway, our developers are working under solution – this problem is pretty complex that’s why it is require more time for solution. Keep watch our news.

        • Aleks Jimenez says:

          Are you planned to support Samsung EVO 850 in the nexts months?

          • ACELab team says:


            We are working on new families of Samsung drives, but unfortunately right now we don’t have exact date when they will appears.

  3. Tasos says:


    Does support Phison PS3110-S10 which is used in Kingston SSDNow KC400???


  4. Steven says:

    Hi, SK hynix SH920 Series SSDs are based on LM87800 controlers, same as Seagate 600 series and Corsair Neutron series, will you add support to SK hynix SH920 Series? If so, do you need any samples? Thanks.

    • ACELab team says:

      Hello Steven. SK Hynix just started to make their own SSD. It’s a new drives and they are not popular. As the result – we didn’t get such drives before. I hope that during 2018 we will get enough damaged drives for research. Maybe new Utility for SK Hynix SSD will appear later in 2018.

  5. Marc Vergalle says:

    Any idea when the Sandisk X400 will be supported ?

    • ACELab team says:

      Our developers are working under Marvell-based Sandisk drives. They improve utilities which already exist, and they going to add a few new models in nearest future. Hope that X400 will appear in nearest future.

  6. Roberto says:


    On top of the list, it would be nice if you write a sharp label with the date of the LAST UPDATE on the recoverable SSD supported controllers

    Thank you


  7. Alwasatgate says:

    Hi! Does Sanddisk Ultra II is supported?

    • ACELab team says:

      Hello. For now we have only partial support. Full support will appear in next update of PC-3000 6.5x

  8. bitcar says:

    Hi! I am eager to know whether PC-3000 support Marvell 88SS9187-BLD2 of Sandisk SD6SB2M512G.
    I have 10 clients ask for solution.

    • ACELab team says:

      Hello. This model is not supported. In nearest update are are going to add complete support only for Sandisk Ultra II and Sandisk X300.

  9. dmarques25 says:

    Hi! Does the next update include Intel SSD Pro 5400S Series? Thank you very much. Best regards.

    • ACELab team says:

      Modern Intel drives contain a very complex encryption system. We are not sure that they will appear in support list in this year.

  10. HDMaster says:

    Hello, I wonder if it is possible to remove bad bytes from ssd? Thanks in advance.

    • ACELab team says:


      BadBytes (BadColumns) would be automatically removed on the translator level by SSD itself. There is no need to remove bad bytes on SSD, if you are using Technological Mode.

      You have to pay attention to BadBytes only if you are reading dumps directly, without translator influence (through chip off, for example).

  11. Ralf says:

    How do estimate the chance to ever be able to recover from a Indilinx Barefoot2 controller? Drive is OCZ vertex R2 plus 120gb. Not on your list.

    • ACELab team says:

      Hello Ralf,

      Barefoot 2 and Everest 1, Everest 2 – are pretty old and rare controllers, Barefoot 1 and 3 were much popular. Our engineers prefer to add in support list more popular and actual drives.

  12. Michael says:

    I saw your previous comments about the marvell controller that you intend to support it with sandisk in 2018.

    Do you support Marvell 88SS9187 Controller with ADATA SSD 1TB
    Model: ADP910S7-1TM-DL3

    • ACELab team says:

      Hello. BSY-state Marvell-based drives are not supported, but in the next update some Sandisk SSD based on Marvell would be added, even if they would be in BSY state.

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