Step-by-step guide how to unlock a password on the HDD via easy mode interface of PC-3000

This tutorial demonstrates the steps to unlock ATA password using easy mode PC-3000 interface. PC-3000 has techno utilities for each HDD manufacturer which allow to unlock master and user passwords without knowing them.

The red PC-3000 UDMA is used in the example, which is an HDD repair and data recovery system produced by ACE Lab. Although quite sophisticated and powerful, this tool now allows to perform a lot of essential tasks in automated mode using simplified easy mode interface. The same actions are applicable to PC-3000 Express and PC-3000 Portable.
Let’s take Seagate ST2000DM001 drive as an example.

Step 1. Connect the drive to SATA port of PC-3000 board


The PC-3000 UDMA is installed in the PCI slot of the PC. It supports up to two HDDs connected at the same time. Then you have to connect the HDD to the port using dedicated cables. In this case they are HDD-SATA and power cable. Depending on the HDD interface, PATA cables can also be used.

Step 2. Connect PC-USB Terminal 2


On Seagate F3 drives password unlocking procedure can be performed only via terminal. In fact, terminal interface implements a part of technological mode. The technomode is a set of special firmware commands that are intended for factory testing. However, PC-3000 uses them for diagnostics and data recovery. This PC USB Terminal is included to PC-3000 UDMA delivery kit, but can also be purchased separately. You will also need a PC-Seagate SATA adapter or another adapter depending on the HDD manufacturer.  

Be aware of the correct cable orientation:


Step 3. Create a shortcut for easy mode launch


The PC-3000 tool comes in a package with a set of software utilities. When you launch the software, a dialog window appears asking you which ports to select. There is also a drop-down menu to choose the launch mode shortcut.

In our example drive is connected to SATA1 port so don’t forget to enable it. Create an easy mode start shortcut.

The shortcut will appear on your desktop


Step 4. Run easy mode and apply power to the drive


Once the PC-3000 software is on, you will see a dashboard with a number of buttons on the left side of the screen. Push the top one to power up the drive.

Step 5. Run quick test to make sure that drive is locked


The easy mode has a number of automated utilities that perform typical tasks like getting the drive’s ID or S.M.A.R.T. info. Click the Quick test, then Start to check if it’s locked by a password.

Step 6. Press Unlock button


The unlocking procedure has a dedicated button, so you can easily perform this step with one click. All operations will be done automatically. In the log you may see which password was set:


If you have any questions you are welcome to post it in comments. Users with active technical support subscription can contact tehnical support via helpdesk center.

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4 Responses to Step-by-step guide how to unlock a password on the HDD via easy mode interface of PC-3000

  1. a_tantawey says:

    many thks
    it is my first time use this mode…

  2. Patrick says:

    Does this method also work with Toshiba HDDs where the ata password is on the drive itself?

  3. Patrick says:

    I’m missing my comment here – does the PC-3000 UDMA can handle ATA passwords on older 2,5″ toshiba harddrives? as far I know, it’s stored encrypted on the platter

    • ACELab team says:

      Yes, sure. We haven’t heard about any problems with unlocking 2.5” Toshiba HDDs.

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