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PC-3000 Flash. New Low Voltage NAND Chips and How to Read Them

Hello guys! In 2018 our we received a lot of new NAND chips that were unreadable by the PC-3000 Flash reader of versions 1.0, 2.0 and even 3.0 without extended power supply adapter. Why that is the case, we will … Continue reading

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PC-3000 SSD. Silicon Motion (SM) Utility

In this article we will speak about data recovery from SSD drives based on Silicon Motion SM controllers. This types of CPU are very popular and usually they are using in a wide number of different value and low-level solid state … Continue reading

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How to use Card Adapter functions in Spider Board?

Hello guys! In this article we are going  to describe a way on how to use the Card Adapter functions without an actual Card Adapter 😀 Card Adapter is a pretty useful little device that may come in very handy … Continue reading

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PC-3000 Flash. Grinding MicroSD with the help of Fibreglass Pen Brush

When we are speaking about monolith drive preparing for soldering, we should remember about one of the most important steps – grinding. Grinding – is a special process of compound erasing from the bottom side of monolith device. During this … Continue reading

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