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Dear PC-3000 Owners!

We launched our ACE Lab Blog  over a year ago, and now we have a huge number of articles with helpful data recovery tips and detailed description of different issues that a data recovery engineer may face.

Many of you agree that the ACE Lab Blog contains exceptionally valuable information for the PC-3000 users.

Supporting the PC-3000 Owners in mastering the best data recovery techniques, we make our Blog open only for the official PC-3000 Owners.

Starting from the 6th of July, 2016, only the official PC-3000 Owners can get access to all the information in our Blog. The Blog becomes partially closed for non-registered users.


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If you are planning to work with USB External Hard Drives


A lot of customers asking us every day about is there a way to work with external USB drives using PC-3000.

In this article we briefly review how to connect and work with USB External Hard Drives.

There are different models of USB External Hard Drives from different vendors:

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PC-3000 Flash / PC-3000 for HDD. Canon Video recovery

Canon cameras are very popular nowadays. A lot of people are buying them for making pictures and recording videos. As we know, usually a lot of wedding photographers and videographers are using them as main tool for shooting.


We know that in case of Compact Flash or SD card corruption it’s not a problem to use chip-off way for recovering pictures, but usually all problems are starting from the point when we need to recover videos.


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PC-3000 Flash. How to spot a fake monolith and memory chips

This article will be helpful in Data recovery and also can be used in everyday life.

The fake flash card is the same as a fake of any other item – it looks like something else, not what it really is. This is usually done to artificially add up some value to it.
For example, you have 64GB flash card. It shows 64GB, looks like 64GB, smells like 64GB…
It must be 64GB? Not always. There are many sellers who are selling re-marked flash cards.

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P-List and translator regeneration in WD Marvell drives


Hello friends! We are all know how to get the data if translator (31h module) is damaged: follow Work with Service Area->Translator regeneration menu. The utility fix the translator automatically using the P-List (33h module), and we’re able to read the data.

But what to do if P-List is damaged too? Let’s discuss it in this article.

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F.A.Q. about Burn resources


What is the Burn resources ?

Burn resources – the set of test microprograms and modules necessary to pass the Burn test as well as the Main Code portion of a drive’s firmware

Burn (also know as Burn-In) test is intended to build the service area, configure adaptive settings, scan the surface and reassign defects. Burn test is the factory procedure specifically used for the greater part of drive fine-tuning and diagnostics.

Important note: you can’t get such resources from the drive like a loader at WD drives, it’s a special compiled firmware.

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PC-3000 DE. Data Extractor RAID Edition. Solution for LaCie Big 4 Quadra Raid 5 case

The LaCie Big 4 Quadra is the most complete 4-bay RAID solution for professionals who demand exceptional performance from a storage device.


There are adtantages of the LaCie 4big Quadra

  • Speed and security for audio, video, and photo professionals;
  • Huge capacity for backing up all of your data;
  • Quadruple interface for universal connectivity;
  • Four hot-swappable, lockable disks for non-stop data access;
  • Ultra-quiet cooling system for greater reliability.

However it’s really difficult to get back the data when RAID array is failed.

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NV-RAM head map editing in Hitachi drives


Hello friends! Sometimes we have an issue in Hitachi drives, when drive can’t start with ID and Service Area access, and of course without an access to user data. The reason can be in damaged Service Area modules, bad PCB, heads, platter surfaces or in bad/not original NV-RAM.

In this article we will briefly review how to modify the NV-RAM in order to make the drive start from one head and read the data by this one head only.

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How to find original NV-RAM image at SA of Hitachi-IBM drive if there is no NVRC module

As you may know, if you lost original PCB or NV-RAM data you can recover SA access by running NV-RAM adjustement feature.

2015-07-29 12-42-05

This feature trying different SA Top (top SA cylinder number) values within specified range and find correct value.

But as you may know, despite SA Top there is SRVM Cyl Base value. It affects to translator so without correct SRVM Cyl base you wouldn’t get access to user data.

At some drives you can also brute force SRVM Cyl base via NV-RAM adjustement feature. But at some drives it’s impossible at all. What to do in this case?

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SSD manufacturers, SSD controllers, and a couple of words about the future trends

When we go to an electronic mall to buy a new SSD, we usually think: which model and brand should I choose? We may feel confused because there are a lot of well-known brands, like Intel and Samsung, and at the same time there are such “noname” brands as SmartBuy, ADATA, Silicon Power, and others. What’s the difference between brands and models? In speed? Stability?


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